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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #24

> a =
> fascinating diabetes-related book. "The Discovery of Insulin," by =
> Michael Bliss, was originally published back in 1982
>     I don't believe any person with a functional pancreas would care =
> much about the book, but I strongly recommend it.

I heard Michael Bliss speak at an ADA National Youth Leadership Congress around
1990.  He was an excellent speaker with a fascinating tale to tell.  If I'm not
mistaken, at that time they were producing a program based on the book.  I have
never seen it but would love to, if it does in fact exist in video form.


> Tom Shelton <email @ redacted>
> Hiya, my name is Tom and I've been a pumper for 28 hours.

Wow!  You're quick.  Welcome.

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