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Re: [IP] need some advice on a support group.

Where are you located?  We have a support group here and seems fairly
successful so far.
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Date: Friday, April 02, 1999 6:26 PM
Subject: [IP] need some advice on a support group.

>as many of you probably remember me telling you that I was planning to
>organize a support group for my area.  I am just needing some info on
>things to do?  I have talked to several people that have gone to other
>groups and have some of the same feelings of them (mainly that it was all a
>lecture and complants about Diabetes).
>I have been trying to get several people to help organize and run the group
>with me (mainly 1 person which has a different means of control) so far i
>have someone on the MM that is willing to help as long as it is "not like
>the other groups", a RN that is type II, and me the disetronic user.  as
>soon as the group gets started i would like to get out of the "half circle"
>image that is associated with support groups.. I would mainly like to hear
>what other groups do that make it fun and to keep others interested in it..
>i would mainly like to gear it towards the younger ages < 30 (but ofcourse
>anyone is welcome)... any ideas?
>p.s.  The one person that is on the MM i talked with (first time i talked
>with him in like 5 years) may be coming to the group soon... gave him the
>address and he said that he would see.
>thanx for the info..
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