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[IP] Responses to my "Exercise Help!!"

To all of you who responded to me, whether through this list, personal 
e-mail, or just good thoughts and prayers, a gigantic "THANK YOU". Many of 
you have given me so much information to think about concerning trying to get 
Amy's bg under control while still including the sports that she do dearly 
loves. One of the simplest suggestions given was are we sure her daytime 
basals are good. Well, heck, it's been 9 months since we even tested them!! 
Test her nighttime one's frequently, but just hadn't thought much about the 
daytime. Did test today, in 1 hour intervals beginning at 7:30 (fasting of 
course). Her numbers were 115, 114, 121, 114, 100, then a drop to 65. No 
change in activity during this time, but had to stop the test of course and 
treat the low. She was disappointed, because she only had 1 more hour to go 
before the test was done! I'd say up until that low, her #'s are 
outstanding!! Anyway, I'm rattling here.................
Some of you have asked me specifics and I WILL be getting back to you with 
those. Gosh Delaine - just wait until you see what I have for you! lol
This group is great - sooooo glad we found it!
Thanks again,
Mom of Amy, 12, pumping since June '98
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