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[IP] We could save a lot of time if our subject headers were specific

Just a suggestion. When I see a subject header that just says "Help!" (for
example) I usually just skip over it. Personally, I just can't open every
message unless I'm at least a little bit clued-in as to its contents. I
don't know if it's the case with everyone, but there's space for a whole
sentence in my subject header area. As another example, writing "My
disetronic makes me happy" as your subject will -- I guarantee -- reach
like-minded individuals, even though some may choose to delete it (Minimed
users, I should think). Wouldn't using this area to compose a note
containing the gist of your idea help us process the huge, helpful mass of
info we receive every day? Does this make sense?

Thanks for opening my message. You are now eligible for fabulous prizes.

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