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[IP] Supplies

After close to three months of fighting, I finally recieve my 507C this
morning.  When I looked through the box of "stuff"  I discovered that I
have exactly 13 infusion sets (11 silhouette, 1 sof-set, and 1 bent
needle).  Is this the normal amount of infusion sets that come when you
start to pump?  Don't I need to order more soon?  Do you just normally
order sets specifically when you order the pump?  (I got Silhouettes
instead of sof-sets on request, I tried a sof-set and hated it, I tried a
sil and loved it)  My CDE should be calling today so I can figure when
exactly I'm starting and I'll ask her, but I was just wondering what you
guys think.  Also, the box of IV3000, I don't use those when I use a
silhoette, right?

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