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Re: [IP] supply costs


A years' worth of supplies were added onto the cost of my pump when I 
bought it back in December 1998.  It added about $2,000 to the total 
invoice. I was told that it would cost about $2,000 per year for 

Out of curiosity, I'd just like to ask if anyone here has any tips for 
prolonging a store of supplies?  Probably a question that would horrify 
any doctors reading out there, but it does seem a shame to buy all these 
things and then turn around and throw them in the garbage 2-3 days after 
their first use.

<<Still not on the pump yet-going over the figures.  I have a question 
for the list-What do supplies cost on average per month? I asked 
Minimed,and the rep told me about $200 per month.  Since I will be 
paying out of my own pocket for supplies (and the pump), and Medicare 
doesn't pay for anything yet, I am concerned about the monthly costs.  
The figure she gave me seems high.>>

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