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Re: [IP] totally stuck and confused

    Neither pump will just break and both have good support.  It is possible with either to have a break that causes you to need to be on shots for 24 hours (both companies have once in a while taken that long).  Over the years, people "report" annecdotal evidence of both problems and great service at both companies and for short periods one gets perceived as "better" or "problematic."  They both go through their ups and downs -- remember you will be on a pump long term,  not for only 5 or 10 years.  However, even at their worst, the bureacracy may be frustrating, but they always fix the technical stuff within a day or two.  For college, you should be able to switch to humalog or regular for short periods of time in case of emergency anyway (just b/c sometimes things can happen, your stomach can get sore etc).  My Minimeds never stopped lasting (I've had them for 16 years now -- a total of 4 different ones in that time).  I think in those 16 years, I have had a total of 3 "problems" one of which was (back before they were water resistant), I had dropped it in the toilet, one was a sticky screw, and one I don't know, but they took it to check anyway. Eventually, the newer, better pump was just that so I switched but the old ones never stopped working.  I suspect you will want to upgrade for new features long before any pump actually runs out.  I just upgraded from a 506 to a 507C but my 506 easily had years to go.  I think the 507 is very easy to program -- certainly about as difficult as being able to use an e-mail program, but not much harder.

Insurance is an enormous problem for college students and you should try to make sure your parents can and will cover you for all your undergrad years.  If that is not an option, start researching now!  The cost of pump care and the kind of blood testing you probably need to do for college anyway is prohibitive -- several hundred dollars a month if you don't go to the doctor -- and emergency care can go off the charts.  Usually, campus or student policies don't cover most diabetic stuff but you can try challenging them.  It appears that campus coverage at the big and at the expensive schools -- i.e. University of Michigan, the ivy leagues, Oberlin, etc is getting better and at these kinds of places you may succeed in your challenge.  As a grad student at UVA, I was able to get doctor's care all covered.. It is virtually nonexistant at most community colleges.

Hope that helps a little!
good luck,


amy m wrote:

hi all
I am starting a trial minimed next Thursday. Have heard  a lot of bad
about the 507c, so now considering the disetronic very strongly, my
parents prefer that one. What do you all suggest..heard of probs with
programming, 507c, and cust. serv. (rare) probs.
Any idea how long each pump can last? I am worried about starting a
pump, going to college, it breaking, not having good insurance, and
having to return to shots? any advice?
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