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[IP] crazy night

thought i would share this with you...
Last night my fiance and i went out for dinner and grabbed some cheesecake
fromt he grocery store on the way home (single serving one) anyways, we
were watching ER, and i felt kinda funny (tired, not motivated---LOW).. So
i tested on my Profile and it read 210.  So i tested for ketones,
negative--- it took my usual, if i was high at night before bed bolus---
and then i had a feeling htat my meter was not right, i tested again, and
as my meter was beeping so was my pump (end of bolus) and well i was 46.
Needless to say, i was suspending my pump and paging my CDE ASAP!  My
fiance was WONDERFUL and could not have been more help.  Last night
though, i was so SICK OF HOLDING HONEY UNDER MY TONGUE i could have PUKED!
Of course during hte night i rebounded and was in the 400's and was 240
this morning, which i could controllably get down.  Talk about a fun
filled scarry night!
Just thought i would share.



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