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Re: [IP] Exercise help!!!

Sue,  I am sure you will get many good responses to your problem.  I am 
responding because I have the same problem that Amy is having.  Exercise is 
complicated and requires work to figure it all out.  Also, everyone is 
different so keep that in mind.  I am writing because I hope you are willing 
to put forth the effort to keep Amy in sports.  I, for one, had to quit the 
swim team at 12 or 13 because we never could keep my bg from going low.  It 
was a heartbreaking experience for me.  Of course, this was back in the dark 
ages, 36 years ago, when we did those useless urine sugar checks.  

I exercise regularly, but I'm 48, so your daughter will be different of 
course.  If I do intense exercise, my BG will go up like Amy's so I up my 
basal(temporary increase) when I start or half way if I am exercising 2+ 
hours.  After intense exercise or a NEW exercise, I lower my basal between 
midnight and 3 a.m.(.1) because I will always go low in the morning.  I use 
to eat cereal and milk before bed without a bolus, but that would work 
sometimes and not others so I just lowered the basal instead.  If my bg is 
normal before exercise, I will eat 15g carbs.  Remember, this is for intense 
exercise or a new exercise.  I do nothing except eat some carbs if it's 
routine.  There is definitely a difference.  I exercise at least one hour 
everyday so my basal rate is always geared for some exercise.  
You mentioned that Amy was doing track and soccer.  Are these new sports?  I 
believe she will need intense management until this workout becomes routine.  
I have been running for about 2 years.  At first, my bg fluctuated alot.  I 
went between reducing the basal rate and eating different amounts.  Now, 
because running is so routine for me, I do nothing except take my 15g carb 
before if my bg is normal.  It just is not as much exertion as it used to be. 
 Before a race, like maybe for Amy before a game, my bg goes way up.  I have 
tried to keep that from happening by not getting too excited, but that is 
IMPOSSIBLE!  I just take more insulin.  I used to be scared that I would 
crash during the race, but it hasn't happened yet.  I still haven't figured 
out how to avoid the high pre-race bg.  I think alot of testing will help you 
with this problem.  I know how aggravating this is, but it is definitely 
worth it.  I feel so much better when I exercise.  Good luck.  ellen
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