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[IP] Fight or Flight

Ted Quick wrote:
> Yes, it's the good old "fight or flight" syndrome kicking off a liver dump.
> Tension can do that, especially for things she views as being important.

The other night, I accidentally stepped on my 12-week-old kitten --
right on her rib cage -- she didn't get my full weight, because I felt
her under my foot and came back up again, but still, she really got the
wind knocked out of her. 

First, I came damn close to fainting, and then when I'd recovered (about
5 minutes), I scooped her up and ran for the emergency vet. Turns out
she wasn't injured at all, except for getting the wind knocked out of
her, but when I measured my BGs after the incident, I was up to 212,
where I'd been 105 before. 

That was a liver dump, wasn't it!!!!! I'm sure I had a surge of
adrenaline -- good thing I didn't faint!

So I guess the cat has used up one of her lives, and so have I!!!!!

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