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Re: [IP] The craziest situation ever in the world!!


I can't say I've had the exact experience, but similar ones.  I and my old doc
have chalked  it up to gastroparesis.  Even when using propulsid I would have to
watch the fat intake since fat is the slowest digestible food.  If that is what
is the first layer in your stomach it will make it difficult to digest the other
stuff.  I learned very quickly to use tabs or get ( I know YUK! ).  By allowing
those to desolve in my mouth I would get out of the reaction faster.  A few
times I had to use the glucagon shot.  I use to ( prior to pump ) have these
days that I would call the my non-diabetic days because of similar things you
described.  Since being on the pump I have not had any.  Most likely due to
using only once insulin, etc..  Just my experiences.

Fran B.

> I had the craziest experience last week.  I went out to eat after work
> around 9pm and I had an omlet and toast and all that breakfasty junk. Before
> I ate my b.s. was 130 or so.  Anyway I took propulsid 30 minutes before
> (gastroparesis) to help digestion, I ate, bolused,  and went home.  Around
> 11pm, I tested again before going to bed and my sugar was 21! I figured I
> had over bolused and I drank a big glass of Pepsi. I waited about 30 minutes
> and tested again. It was only 27. I could hardly believe it. So then I ate a
> big giant piece of cake, a big giant glass of milk and more Pepsi. At this
> point I was just trying to make sure that it would come up, even if it was
> high, so I could go to sleep. I again waited 30-45 minutes and retested.
> OKAY, this time it was 31.

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