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Re: [IP] Exercise help

> Before a competitive cheerleading competition (and before any real serious
> exercise)  Lauren, 12 also, goes high to about 300 and we correct it with a
> normal correction.  What is going on here?  Is her liver dumping?  

Yes, it's the good old "fight or flight" syndrome kicking off a liver dump.
Tension can do that, especially for things she views as being important.

If it
> is, does she have any remaining "rebound" protection from the liver for a
> low?  

It does drain the reserve somewhat, but a single event like this probably leaves
enough to cope with a smaller problem later. It gets dangerous when there are
multiple hypos in a day, at least for most people. YMMV, of course

It is a little disconcerting to correct her about an hour or two
> before competing cause I worry that I have over corrected and she won't
> recognize a low cause she is nervous... and she'll have adverse effects
> while she is performing.

Yes it can definitely lead to feeling so. Actually the question is how long it
for her liver to demand the "loan" be "repaid"......
> Strangely she always does it on the first day of competition but not the
> second.

Yes, she gets used to the situation and settles down for the long haul after 
it becomes more normal for her.

Ted Quick
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