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[IP] Discovery Of Insulin

I know this is not a book review page, and I don't want this to turn into Oprah's book club or anything, but I recently finished a fascinating diabetes-related book. "The Discovery of Insulin," by Michael Bliss, was originally published back in 1982, but has gone through a few reissues, and is apparently now out of print. A Canadian publisher, McClelland & Stewart, was finally able to find a copy for me through Amazon.com.
    The story of Banting and Best and their lucky "discovery" attained by sacrificing many test dogs was fairly interesting, as was the discussion of the personal conflicts between the four men associated with the discovery. But I particularly enjoyed the portion that described the routine treatment of diabetes---starvation. This was only back in the 1920s. It reminded me of how far treatment has come. I have only had diabetes since 1975 and have seen some large jumps in treatment and technology, including the pump. I can't help but think progress will continue, until there is perhaps....a cure (?)
    I don't believe any person with a functional pancreas would care much about the book, but I strongly recommend it.