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Re: [IP] Knew this was going to happen

Michael wrote:
> Make sure it is not the tail of your breakfast insulin and that your
> ratio is low. Do a fasting check that can be dupicated
> email @ redacted

I don't think it's the tail of my breakfast, which I usually eat at 6
AM, because it happens 4 or 4 1/2 hours after I eat.  I DO think it's
the result of the end of my dawn effect -- which is why I'm thinking
maybe I should change the basal.

Well, I'm probably not going to do anything for the next few days, as
tomorrow I go up to Seattle to see my sons and bring a cat to a close
DM-List friend!

When I get home, I'll be home for a few days because it's spring break,
and I can watch my BGs more closely then.


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