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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #21

> When I was first pumping, my blood sugar frequently spiked just
> after a set change. I was very concerned about the sets not working
> properly.  However, after some experimentation, we established that
> I simply needed to bolus about 3.5 units as soon as I changed the
> set.  That has alleviated most of the highs.  If there is insulin
> remaining in the old set, I bolus from that before actually changing
> sets.  For some reason, this seems to do the trick.  Still, I always
> test more frequently just after a set change, as it seems to be a
> time when I'm vulnerable to higher blood sugars.

When you remove the old set, recently infused insulin leaks out from 
the wound resulting in a high bg. Simply leaving the old set in place 
for the time it takes your insulin to peak will eliminate the 
problem. For regular that's 4 hours, Humalog 2 hours.

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