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Re: [IP] totally stuck and confused

At 05:26 PM 4/1/1999  amy m wrote:
>hi all
>I am starting a trial minimed next Thursday. Have heard  a lot of bad
>about the 507c, so now considering the disetronic very strongly, my
>parents prefer that one. What do you all suggest..heard of probs with
>programming, 507c, and cust. serv. (rare) probs.
>Any idea how long each pump can last? I am worried about starting a
>pump, going to college, it breaking, not having good insurance, and
>having to return to shots? any advice?

Although we've had some reports of MM507c keyboards being too sensitive, MM 
seems to fix these very quickly. Other than that, I don't think MM has any 
persistent problems that I'm aware of. Both pumps are pretty much equally 
reliable. I think most people keep their pumps well after the warrantee 
runs out (I think it's 4 years). So, if you are going to college, it should 
be still going strong when you graduate.


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