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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #21

> From: susan leahey <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] site change
> Another Q I have:Is there any way to know if the set is working properly
> right away? Do you have to wait for a meal to be eaten along with the bolus
> taken? Thank you, Susan

When I was first pumping, my blood sugar frequently spiked just after a set change.
I was very concerned about the sets not working properly.  However, after some
experimentation, we established that I simply needed to bolus about 3.5 units as soon
as I changed the set.  That has alleviated most of the highs.  If there is insulin
remaining in the old set, I bolus from that before actually changing sets.  For some
reason, this seems to do the trick.  Still, I always test more frequently just after
a set change, as it seems to be a time when I'm vulnerable to higher blood sugars.

> My 83 year old father
> has had diabetes since he was 22, and amazingly does not
> suffer from any complications.

Wow!!!!  Please pass congratulations and thanks on to him from all of us who aspire
to that!  If he did that with the crude tools available then, the possibilities for
the rest of us must be amazing.


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