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Re: [IP] The craziest situation ever in the world!!

> I tested again before going to bed and my sugar was 21! I
> figured I had over bolused and I drank a big glass of Pepsi. I 
> waited about 30 minutes....
> Did this ever happen to anyone? 

Try using glucose tablets to bring up your low. Glucose is absorbed 
directly into the blood stream from the mucous membrane, it does not 
require digestion. Drinks such as Pepsi contain sugars which must be 
digested to enter the bloodstream. i.e. sucrose takes about 2 hours 
to be totally absorbed with no gastro problems. Likewise the food 
must be digested. Most pastries and rolls are made with some fat or 
oil and digest slowly. In the absense of glucose, soda crackers or 
white bread chewed well will work faster than almost anything else. 
You saliva converts the starch to glucose in the mouth - again, 
bypassing the digestion process.

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