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[IP] The craziest situation ever in the world!!

I had the craziest experience last week.  I went out to eat after work
around 9pm and I had an omlet and toast and all that breakfasty junk. Before
I ate my b.s. was 130 or so.  Anyway I took propulsid 30 minutes before
(gastroparesis) to help digestion, I ate, bolused,  and went home.  Around
11pm, I tested again before going to bed and my sugar was 21! I figured I
had over bolused and I drank a big glass of Pepsi. I waited about 30 minutes
and tested again. It was only 27. I could hardly believe it. So then I ate a
big giant piece of cake, a big giant glass of milk and more Pepsi. At this
point I was just trying to make sure that it would come up, even if it was
high, so I could go to sleep. I again waited 30-45 minutes and retested.
OKAY, this time it was 31. I mean, WHAT is going on here. I could hardly
believe it!!!!  I drank more soda, waited 20 minutes,  retested and finally
it was 68. So I was feeling alittle better because I could see a little bit
of a rise. I was waiting about 10 more minutes for a final sugar before
going to sleep and I tested again and it was back to 34!. I was about to go
completely crazy at this point.  So again I drank more soda and had some
crackers.  Finally after all that and another 30 minutes I had a bs of 113.
I was so relieved.  It didn't end there though, it only just began.  I woke
up at 3:30 or so and I felt so nauseous. I got out of bed, tested again and
I was back around 32. I then proceeded to spending the night and morning
throwing up and with diarrhea.  It was so lame. I had to eat because of the
sugar being so low and I couldn't keep anything down. I called my endo and
she had me eat plain sugar and take off my pump altogether.  It came up
around 68 and I fell asleep again. In the morning around 11am it was up to
252,  so I put my pump back on and I was back in business, though still very
sick and unable to keep down even the slightest sip of water. So later that
day with large ketones I ended up the ER for some fluids and some torture by
the lab tech, and I was so much better I even had some soup and jello! I was
psyched. I was very weak still so I stayed home the next day from work as
well and I thought I was much better and then that night it happened again.
The same routine in the 20's bs that lasts for ever. I ate and ate and ate
and still nothing. I had adjusted my basals down and everything. So I took
off the pump again but I still ended up really sick again. Then the weird
thing is after all that happened, I hardly needed to bolus at all for
anything I ate. By Saturday I was better so I had 2 pieces of pizza and I
only had to bolus 3 units about 2 hours after eating to cove the whole
thing. I was trying to tell my boyfriend that i was cured, which is only a
fantasy, of course.  Did this ever happen to anyone? How's this for the
longest post imaginable.  I figured it was okay since I never post. 

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