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[IP] Inhalable Insulin

Here I go with another article from Diabetes Self-Mamagement  :-) but they
did two articles recently on inhalable insulin.  

The first is in the September/October 1998 issue, page 85.  The second one
is in the next issue, November/December 1998, page 86.  Unfortunatley,
neither of the articles is available online.

Neither one of them mentioned Oralin but I could have missed it.  Both
articles show a picture of the devices used to deliver the isulin and they
are big and bulky.  You surely couldn't hide them in you pocket!  The AERx
system, one of them mentioned, looks like it's about 6 inches square and 1
1/2 inched deep (as compared to the person using it in the photo) and is
much larger than the model's hand.  The article says neither is expected to
be on the market for another two-three years.   

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