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[IP] tender set

> I've been using the tender set with the Disetronic pump for a few
> months now.  I just changed my site and needle- I'm using the upper
> abdomen- and I keep going high into the 200's. It's not because of
> food, because I won't eat if I'm that high. This has happened quite
> a few times now.  I don't think it's a bad bottle of insulin. 

What kind of insulin are you using??
Does it only occur after the 24 to 48 hours?
email @ redacted

Actually, it starts from the moment I put it in until I take it out when 
I see that it won't get better. I use Humalog. I end up having to take a 
lot of insulin (about twice as much as I normally would for the same 
reading) just to bring it down to normal.  So, I guess that sort of 
makes it sound like I'm putting it in muscle- but it usually hurts if I 
do that. Maybe because I have the tender and not the bent needle I can't 
always tell if I'm in muscle. It doesn't hurt much when I put it in 

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