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[IP] Knew this was going to happen

OK, I've been on the pump for two weeks now, and guess what -- my BGs
are creeping DOWN at lunch time -- I'm sitting here at 71 at the moment,
waiting for my lunch to heat up, not willing to eat anything until it
does, but KNOWING I'm going hypo.

So what I'm wondering is, do I need to think about adjusting basals --
and if so, lower the rate that starts at 9 AM, or move the change of
rate (from 0.5 to 0.2) one hour earlier instead?  This hypo (or more
properly, heading hypo -- I am very sensitive to symptoms and don't wait
for myself to get truly low) started at 10:30 AM -- I ate some candy to
correct and here I am an hour and a half later going hypo again. Has
anyone else experienced decreasing insulin requirements on the pump?

Mornings have been pretty stable -- I'm waking up right around 100 every
morning -- and doing pretty well after breakfast too -- I was 181 this

I still don't have lunch figured out, or dinner either, for that matter,
but I figure mornings have always been my most swingin' time, so I'll
work on that first!!

I guess I better tell the doc about it too -- he'll just agree to
anything I say, so it's not a problem. 

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