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[IP] Fructosamine Test Results

Hi Shari,

You responded on the pumpers digest with:

"Hate to disagree with you but the ER doc most likely didn't do a good test,
but the endo did.  That is an average of sugars, and it is pretty on target."

HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE!!!!!  :-)  Just kidding!  I think you might have
missed part of the conversation or misunderstood what we were talking about.

Someone was upset about the fructosamine test showing her blood sugars were
averaging 210.  I heard back from the person and she told me the tech doing
the test did make a mistake in recording the results.  Her fructosamine
test, not her blood sugar, was 210, which means her blood glucose average
was around 105-110, a lot more in line with what she was seeing on her
monitor.  Her doctor caught the mistake and now both are much much happier!

While the fructosamine test is an average and pretty on target, a 210
result does not mean a blood sugar average of 210.  Check out the article I
mentioned from Diabetes Self-Managment Magazine about the fructosamine test


We gotta watch out for each other 'cos no one else will!  I hope this helps...

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 9 months.

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