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Re: [IP] Exercise help!!!

> now the fun begins! One hour (yes, 1 hour!) after
> that reading of 149, she was 404 (dinner), then 100, 56, and 63 -
> all done at 1 hour intervals. From the time she ate dinner, she felt
> horrible, as if having one big long hypo, for 3 1/2 hours! Midnight
> was 340, 3a.m. was 348.

I can only respond with my experience with Lily which has been 
similar, but not the same or as extreme. I would say that it is 
important to get solid 'fasting' data on what happens here. When she 
has insulin, when her pump is disconnected, what her basal response 
is, etc... The data needs to be repeatable. The decline in bg's 
long after extreme exercise is to be expected and will be repeatable. 
Planned carbo intake with a reduced insulin uptake should solve that 
problem, but it must be quantified. You will see a definite 
insulin sensitivity for 1 - 2 days after a "peak" exercise period 
as in a tournament of 2 days that stops, then she goes back to a 
less strenuous routine. I speculate that if she has a routine 
that is hard, easy repeatedly, say on a weekly basis, you may 
have to tailor a variable basals and ratios for different times 
in the week. Much the same as an adult womens monthly cycle but 
weekly to match her exercise. This is hard to do (as you've found 
out), but doable. You should also relax her target bg range somewhat 
so the chance of going low is not as great, perhaps a target of 120 
instead of 100. With the kind of activity she is doing, very tight 
control is difficult at best if  not impossible (at least for Lily).

> This is a daily thing anymore. Her endo says
> if we can't get this under control, we may have to limit her sports.
Not acceptable

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