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[IP] tender set

I've been using the tender set with the Disetronic pump for a few months 
now.  I just changed my site and needle- I'm using the upper abdomen- 
and I keep going high into the 200's. It's not because of food, because 
I won't eat if I'm that high. This has happened quite a few times now.  
I don't think it's a bad bottle of insulin.  I used to use this site 
with the classic bent needle  and didn't have so much of a problem.   I 
don't think I'm in muscle- but maybe I am.  I was wondering if anyone 
has problems with the tender catheter crimping under the skin.  I'm 
thinking of switching back to the bent needle. However, with the bent 
needle I can't use my thigh as a site because it hurts. Also, I like 
being able to disconnect but keep the catheter in. I don't want to only 
be able to use the lower abdomen (under the belly button. Any ideas?  

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