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Re: [IP] Exercise help!!!

Hi Sue,

I have very similar experiences with exercise.  When starting exercising
with a normal Bg, I must eat somewhere around 30 GM carb.  If I am
exercising more strenuously for a longer duration, I must eat at more
frequent intervals during exercise (every 30-45 min.)  Often with these
adjustments, just after exercise, my BG is within the normal range.  But
I do have post exercise hpyerglycemia. What helps with my regular
exercising (30" cycling), is when I start cycling, I increase my basal
rate about 50% for about 2.5 hours.  When I have exercised more
strenuously for a longer duration, I must increase my basal rate even
more 70-80% for at least 3 hours, THEN I must decrease my normal basal
rate overnight (usually)-- 8 or so hours after strenuous exercise (not
cycling, but say for  x-country skiing). I tried decreasing it to half,
but that was too much and I awoke with a BG in the 300's recently. 
Since I do not x-country ski regularly, I haven't experimented with this
again.  There is a wonderful chapter on exercise in "Pumping Insulin"
that you might look at.

I do not believe it has to do with female hormones, although I do tend
to have the basal profile of a growing young person (though I am 42
years old), as my nighttime basal is 200% of my daytime, and as I've
seen some parents here state that their kids have to increase nighttime
basals starting in the evening, so do I.  My BG starts to rise after
supper (6-7pm) and my highest BG is 3:00am  I have a much lower basal
rate from 3:00am to 5:00pm.

I think as all these things, it takes a lot of experience and meticulous
observation as to what will work for Amy.  I often get very discouraged
with new exercise, such as with x-country skiing which I do not do
regularly, as the learning curve is a long one.  And it is scarey being
on that exercise rollercoaster!

Let us know what works.

Janet Riganti
Janet Riganti

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