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Re: [IP] Exercise help!!!

Hi, and hello to Amy as well.
Ladies, first of all I must commend you for the detailed charting of Bg's.  My Bg patterns do not correspond to yours Amy, but I would like to suggest that there may be other factors besides exercise going on here.
The one thing that comes to mind is hormones, in this case they seem to be 'raging hormones'.  Intense exercise can release very strong hormones into the body, add that to the recovery needs of the muscle and tissue, add that to the development of a person entering adolesence, it is not surprising to have bouncing Bg's.  You've got three big variables there.
Here is a suggestion.  It sounds like your MD is really trying to help and stay on top of this, but do they have enough experience with this particular phenomenon?  If you have access to a teaching hospital or a sports medicine clinic you may find somebody who deals with this specifically.
It must be very frustating, but it sounds like you are making a good job of dealing with it.  The very best of luck. ~Frank

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