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RE: [IP] Prescriptions

        I know you were wondering about Claritin - you said your son's 
     had some wacky sugars. I've been on it for over a year, without 
     problems. BUT - I have moderate seasonal allergies, and I am 24 (is 
     your son in his teens - hormones could be affecting the 
     meds/sugars)....I don't know if this helps you at all. I have to 
     take Claritin with Sudafed in order to get rid of my post-nasal 
     drip. While the Claritin prevents you from getting further allergy 
     reactions, the Sudafed can really help with that PND. YMMV. I'd run 
     it all by your diabetes team, but hope this at least helps!
     Siana, age 24
     MM pump since 11/98
     email @ redacted

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