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Re: [IP] Exercise help!!!

hi!.. I used to have the same problem..I would go high after excerise..my endo
suggest I bolus up after exercising..if I don't work really hard..there doesn't
seem to be any increase in BG's..but if I work hard..I drop quite rapidly the
first half hour..during warm-up.. level off.. then shoot high after..exercise and
BG's are really something you have to play with..everyone is different..

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi everyone. Here I am, at 4:15 in the morning, sitting at my computer, unable
> to sleep! Why? Because I am at the point (maybe past the point) of total
> frustration! It seems that no matter what we try, we just cannot get a handle
> on the best way to handle Amy and her exercise. She is now running track and
> doing indoor and outdoor soccer. Want to know how bad it is? Here is an
> example of her numbers before, during and after track yesterday - before -
> 139, during, 127, after, 149 (this was over a 2 hour period) Not too bad you
> say? True, but now the fun begins! One hour (yes, 1 hour!) after that reading
> of 149, she was 404 (dinner), then 100, 56, and 63 - all done at 1 hour
> intervals. From the time she ate dinner, she felt horrible, as if having one
> big long hypo, for 3 1/2 hours! Midnight was 340, 3a.m. was 348. This is a
> daily thing anymore. Her endo says if we can't get this under control, we may
> have to limit her sports. I do not want to tell her she can't do this because
> of her diabetes, but I agree we need to get a handle on this, before I pull
> all my hair out!
>  If anyone has any specific suggestions on ways to handle exercise, please e-
> mail me privately. I don't mean to be rude, but don't tell me to adjust her
> basal, carb intake, etc., unless you can give me specifics that you found have
> worked - been there, done that, still doing it! lol I know all those things
> need to be done - what I'm looking for is when and how you did it that worked
> well. We are on our 3rd set of "guidelines" for exercise, and they don't seem
> to be working at all.
> Thanks, in advance, for any help any of you can give us.
> Sue
> Mom of Amy, 12, pumping since June '98
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