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Re: [IP] question about basal testing

terri brown wrote:
> I have been have lows when I don't eat a meal.  I know I
> need to test my basal rates but how do I go about it when I
> am having 2 or more lows a day.  I am definitely releasing
> stress hormones dues to the shaking, rapid heartbeat, sweating.
> Everything I have read says not to test on any day that a low
> releases stress hormones.  Should I raise my basal rates by .1
> and then test?  

NO, you're now going low from TOO MUCH insulin, so you would want to LOWER
the basal by 0.1.

It's probably a good idea to drop the basal rates by .1 not only when
you tend to go low, but in the time frame just before it too to get 
stable and then adjust it from there.

Ted Quick
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