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[IP] re; exercise

I'm afraid I don'thave any specific advice to give you, especially
since I'm not yet on a pump, but I know exactly what Amy's going

I used to play soccer too and loads of other sports, and recent;y seem
to have this "post-exercise" high and "post-exercise BG bouncing"

Problem is, I never know when it's gong to hit and when it isn't.

I've played soccer and tested at 6 (108) and then in the next 30
mins. shot up to 324!

One thing that sometimes works for me is taking insulin and eating
directly after playing, BEFORE the BG starts shooting upwards. Usually
I can take my normal bolus for eating and it wil be fine. It seems to
prevent the BG shooting up. I presume it's to do with the liver
dumping after the exercise. Of course, it's not always convenient to
do that, but it seems to help in my case. Playing around with insulin
and food before/after/during the exercise doesn't seem to help - like
you I've tried just about every combination. the worst thing for me is
if I wait to eat until the BG has shot up. Then no matter how much
insulin I take it doesn't seem to want to come back down.

If you find the solution please let me know!

 Want to know how bad it is? He
re is an
example of her numbers before, during and after track yesterday
 - before -
139, during, 127, after, 149 (this was over a 2 hour period) No
t too bad you
say? True, but now the fun begins! One hour (yes, 1 hour!) afte
r that reading
of 149, she was 404 (dinner), then 100, 56, and 63 - all done a
t 1 hour
intervals. From the time she ate dinner, she felt horrible, as 
if having one
big long hypo, for 3 1/2 hours! Midnight was 340, 3a.m. was 34
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