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[IP] Info for UK Campaign

Thank you all for your replies to my request, they were full of useful info. Particular thanks to Janet Riganti,
The latest situation is;
A support group has been formed called INPUT. (IN-sulin PU-mp T-therapy).
The local hospital are helping by allowing us to raise funds under their charity registration.
We also have two members of the endo centre on board, as advisors, one consultant & one pump trained nurse. 
We are organising a fund raising Jazz Concert to take place in May
Disetronic UK are being very supportive and have made a donation.
Eli Lilley have also made a donation.
Minimed only has a distributor in the UK, so no joy there.
I will be attending the British Diabetic Conference (28-30 April) where I shall continue to promote pump therapy.
My next step will be to start a newsletter to promote pumps, unfortunately, not everyone in the UK has e-mail, so snail-mail will have to do.
I would be pleased to receive any ideas, articles, experiences etc for publication.
Thanks again for your INPUT it is most appreciated.
John Davis