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[IP] Re: Can Basal Needs Change Radically or is it Premenstrual?

Hi Meshell!

	Aaaaaaah life as a diabetic WOMAN! ;)  Yup!  I agree with Michael - the
FAQ on this topic is excellent!  Do read, if you haven't already.  And I
too have experienced what Lori & others have shared as well.  It IS
amazing, isn't it(?) - what difference a simple .1 or .2 unit change in
basals can make?  I actually have increasing basal requirements (most
notably 4am-7am "dawn phenomenon" window) an entire TWO weeks prior to the
beginning of menses! I find it easiest to adjust my rates as needed & do
this by increasing the amount of testing I am doing (particularly the 3/4am
check) at approx the time I "typically" begin to see BS rises (just after
ovulation for me).  I have also observed the IMMEDIATE drop in insulin
needs as hormone levels change at the start of menses.  Easy enough to
remember to reduce rates though.  Unfortunately for me, & probably true for
most women, needs & levels can vary a bit month to month.  (you know....
the "some months are worse than others" scenario!)  Anyway, I just pay
careful attention to profile patterns during those times & adjust
accordingly.  I figure... it's what my pancreas would do.  Interestingly,
(LOL! - <interesting..... yea, right!> :) - after the start of menses, I
have NO dawn phenomenon & the same basals thru the night (.4 from midnight
thru 7am)..... yet approx 2 wks later I begin to need .6 from 4am-7am.  And
some months, the week before has been as high as .8!  Hmmmmm..... perhaps
the men in my life sense this (the ".8 months" that is) - they seem to do a
good job of staying out of my way then.  "Self-preservation" I guess. ;)
Works for me!

Delaine - "I am woman, hear me roar!.... ok, & complain.... occasionally I
complain, but don't tell my husband that I've admitted to that!"  ;))
MM507, Humalog

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