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Re: [IP] Doctor's Opinions

In a message dated 98-04-30 16:14:32 EDT, you write:

<< Lisa, I'm not sure of his name, but there is an MD in Alaska whose daughter
 and 3 young patients are all on pumps. I think his name is William Bell.
 Maybe he can help. Anyone know who I'm talking about and how to reach him?

You're right, Betsy.  I totally forgot about him until you mentioned him here.
His e-mail address is:       email @ redacted
snail mail:     William Bell, MD , Homer Medical Clinic,   Homer, Alaska
(didn't get zip)
phone:    907.235.8586

He has a 9yo daughter pumping since 12/97ish.  He also put a 6yo and 12yo boy
on the pump.  All doing well.  He's good at responding to e-mail, but can be
slow if he's busy.  You may have better luck calling.

Good luck in your fight, Lisa!!!


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