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[IP] More on meters

Last month I was very critical of the Bayer Dex. I said I thought it was
very inaccurate. Well I've changed my mind and I now quite like it.

However.....!!!!..... last week I met a doctor friend who has diabetes.
We had a long long long long chat about "things". Interestingly he
doesn't use a meter - just uses visual testing strips. He says the
results are just as accurate and it takes up a lot less space in his
pocket. I'm inclined to agree. I also used the BM-test strips quite
happily for years. I grew to know the colors without checking it against
the chart. Does anyone know why the h*ll we use meters? My theory is
that the strip companies push it hard since you can then only use THEIR
strips with THEIR meter. So they've locked you in.


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