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[IP] Can Basal Needs Change Radically or is it Premenstrual?

Yes, basal rates can change with your monthly cycle. Mine go up for the 3
days or so prior to my period, then crash when my period arrives. The
tricky part (for me) is that I never know exactly when to expect my period
-- it can be 4-6 weeks from the last one. The only time I was "regular" was
when I took birth control pills, and I'll never do that again. 

However, no one has yet asked any of the other obvious questions:

* How long ago did you change your site? Could it be a site problem? Those
often manifest themselves as "needing slightly more insulin", as least for
me. If I'm running high for half a day or more, I change the
set. Frequently, that's all it takes to run normal sugars with the same

* Are you pregnant? (You'll laugh if I tell you how clueless I was about
pregnancy symptoms when I got pregnant. It took me 4 weeks to figure it
out.) Pregnancy hormones can really affect your insulin needs. 

* Is your bottle of insulin still good? (It's a long shot, but possible.) 

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