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[IP] Pumping in the UK!

Excellent news from Britain!!! Britain is the land that pumping forgot.
Population 60 million, less than 100 pumpers. They were extensively
trialled in the 1980's, written off and forgotten about.

Anyhow, I saw my endo again yesterday, and gave him some more "pump
awareness training". He is very impressed with my experiences, and is
beginning to wonder if I'm onto something good here. He is fairly high
up in the diabetes academic hierarchy and is proposing to look in to
recent developments, and write a paper for the British Medical Journal
questioning why they are used so successfully in US and Germany, but not
in Britain. Even better, he wants me to co-write it, to provide a
"patient perspective".

This is basically the doctors' way of "kick starting" pump therapy here.
So I keep my fingers crossed....

Also had lunch with an old friend, a doctor who has diabetes. He was
green with envy at my description of my life since pumping. He wants one
too..... and also has a patient he believes is ideally suited, who works
as a radio presenter.

Saw my GP, and HE has 2 patients he thinks could benefit... perhaps
things are at last moving.

Pump on!


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