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I think that I am remembering the right person -- if not , sorry, my delete
finger was working too fast.  I like many of the features of the Complete
too, but without the software it has very little utility for now.  Being
back to the Advantage also makes me more aware of how nice the small size
is.  I haven't given up on BM/R, because in general I have found their
technical services folks to be MUCH more helpful and knowledgeable than the
ones I have encountered at Lifescan (but then I've used BM for about an
extra 15 years over the other folks so I may not have a great comparison).
I'm frustrated with them, and it iis all tied up with my other frustration
at the clinic too.  Speaking of which, the hospital I am going to be working
for just offered to buy that clinic.  These same individuals may be calling
me for help someday soon -- and I may laugh on the inside, but I'll put a
smile on the outside and be helpful.
Take care,

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