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Re: [IP] pancreatic enzyme

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Ted Quick wrote:

> > > eons ago, that the pancreas excretes an enzyme known as insulinase.  This
> > > enzyme takes care of all the EXTRA insulin a normal person's pancrease dumps
> > > when it sees that food is in the system.  As I understand it, this normal
> > > pancresae just DUMPS insulin - no measuring or anything, but those normal
> > > folks dont have that wonderful sensation of hypoglycemia, do they?  I believe
> > > that we of the broken pancreas set do NOT produce this insulinase, which is
> > > why we have hypos when we take too much insulin for what we put in.
> > >
> > Oh.... there is more..... in diabetic lab animals, when this enzyme
> > is given along with insulin, there appears to be NO DAMAGE due to
> > high blood sugar i.e. bad eyes, neuropathy, kidney failure, etc.....
> > At least that is what I read. I don't think they've figured out how
> > to make a lot of this stuff
> Seems you may have misunderstood exactly which thing was being talked about.
> I think you're referring to C-peptide, which is a left over string clipped
> off of pro-insulin when insulin is broken away from it. It hasn't been 
> viewed as necessary since they couldn't find anything that it would be received
> by to do anything known. 
You're right, I couldn't remember the name of the stuff.
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