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[IP] Can Basal Needs Change Radically or is it Premenstrual?

I hope someone can offer me some advice.  I am having high readings in the am
and all thru the morning.  Usually, a couple of weeks before my period I have
like one day where I need to run a temp basal rate because my blood sugars are
higher.  FOr the last several days, my readings are high when I wake up and
I"m running a temp basal at least thru the afternoon.  After that, they seem
better.  I don't know whether it is the change of hormone level; however, I'm
not due for my period for a good week.  I have recently switched from the Soft
Sets to the Comforts/Tenders.  I take it just because you switch sets, that
your insulin requirements would not change, would they?  About 2 weeks ago, I
began testing my basal rates and have tested them thru noon, and they seemed
fine, so it's kinda odd that all of the sudden, they are changing like this.
I'm planning to check them thru the night tonite, but I'm kinda leary about
changing my basal rates, in case it is just pre-menstrual.  DOes anyone have
any thoughts?  Thanks.

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