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Re: [IP] pancreatic enzyme

Michael wrote:
> > I am no expert, but I believe i remember from some molecular biology class
> > eons ago, that the pancreas excretes an enzyme known as insulinase.  This
> > enzyme takes care of all the EXTRA insulin a normal person's pancrease dumps
> > when it sees that food is in the system.  As I understand it, this normal
> > pancresae just DUMPS insulin - no measuring or anything, but those normal
> > folks dont have that wonderful sensation of hypoglycemia, do they?  I believe
> > that we of the broken pancreas set do NOT produce this insulinase, which is
> > why we have hypos when we take too much insulin for what we put in.
> >
> Oh.... there is more..... in diabetic lab animals, when this enzyme
> is given along with insulin, there appears to be NO DAMAGE due to
> high blood sugar i.e. bad eyes, neuropathy, kidney failure, etc.....
> At least that is what I read. I don't think they've figured out how
> to make a lot of this stuff


Seems you may have misunderstood exactly which thing was being talked about.
I think you're referring to C-peptide, which is a left over string clipped
off of pro-insulin when insulin is broken away from it. It hasn't been 
viewed as necessary since they couldn't find anything that it would be received
by to do anything known. 

They may make it now if the research proves out, haven't gotten there yet.
May just include it with our insulin as an additive, I guess? Insulinase is 
a counter-regulatory hormone, as I understand it, so that's the other side
of the coin.

Ted Quick
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