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Re: [IP] Parents

In a message dated 98-04-28 19:25:52 EDT, you write:

  An 8-year-old diabetic girl was given by her mother 2 units of insulin
>  to bring down a very high bg. The mother is a registered nurse, 

a)  the mom is a licensed care giver

b) she did not give a HUGE amount of insulin that could be deemed being over
protective or abusive by any standard

c)  i think we would all agree that 8 year olds still need their mom's to take
care of them sometimes, and in this case, the mom did everything in her scope
of power and education to save the life of her child.

Though, I think it was maybe a bit overreactive, especially in light that she
did it twice.  Regular old subcu insulin is good enough for the rest of us,
why go to this extreme?  And a mere 2 units makes me think that the child
wasn't life threateningly high

but then, we have people arrested in this company for spanking their children
in public even though the little turds are being disruptive and may
potentially cause harm to themselves or others

who believes in capital punishment and though she went to school in the late
60s/early 70s when it was OK to paddle if there was a note from home, she
never was...maybe that is why I am so disruptive today...hmmm maybe I need to
be paddled...

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