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[IP] Fw: Pump

This is from a friend, and I thought that I'd post it here -- hope that it's
not a problem.  Feel free to contact her directly.  She may end up back on a
pump again, because she is beginning to admit that she needs to try to make
some changes.  However, if she does, her insurance will cover it.  Joleen
has very minimal kidney function, and is going through some tough times
right now.  I've encouraged her to join us here, so we will see.
Take care,
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From: Joleen Bos <email @ redacted>
To: Lori Eckrich <email @ redacted>
Date: April 29, 1998 04:33 PM
Subject: Pump

>I have a 506 pump - is that good enough for anyone to want to buy?  Had a
>nice lunch with Ellen today - she said she never made it to that meeting
>last Thurs.  Seemed kind of down for her.

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