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Re: [IP] Pre-employment physical -- advice please

Dont bring your own records. Let them draw what they need - no reason to give
them more than they require - and they certainly do NOT require a Ha1c for
employment, or a protein count.

Be accurate and truthful in filling out forms, but dont volunteeer more than
is asked.  If you will be changing insurances, ask if pre-existing conditions
are covered by the new and if you will have to again meet the deductible and
how long after you are employed will it take effect.  There is no lneed to
specify what kind of pre-existing condition you have..

Oh yeah...and dont smoke pot if they are gonna give you a drug test, or at
least do lots of diruetcs to rinse them out of your system.  And if they ask
why there are traces of man made insulin in your lab work, say you are
training to be an Olympic athlete and up until yesterday, it was legal to use
insulin to beef up your muscles.

GOOD LUCK and as Cartman from South Park says....KICK ASS!!

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