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[IP] On the road to MiniMed

I saw the CDE for my first visit on Monday and the nutritionist on Tuesday.
I'm starting down the long path towards getting the pump... the install
date has been set as Monday June 8th. It was really nice... great people. I
got to see a real MiniMed 507 and play with it a little. They let me take
home a soft set and a silhouette to look at and show my wife. (I'm still
not sure which one to use... the Minimed rep [who's also a pumper] says he
uses both, depending on where his site is located).

I have lots of appointments between now and June set up. The CDE said that
they will NOT want me to use my NPH the night before D-Day... I'll need to
take at least one added injection of R at night to compensate. They also
want me to start out with Humalog. She said that their experience is that
they get much better control, even though a site may not last quite as long
using H.

I told them all about the on-line support stuff, like this group, and the
Pumpers Web site. They hadn't heard about any of this... I gave them all
sorts of information about how to subscribe, etc. They seemed really
excited about it... I have to admit that I enjoyed being able to provide
them with these resources. (The librarian in me was coming out, I guess).
They also seemed to be impressed with what I already knew about the pump...
I have this group to thank for that!!

The MiniMed rep just happened to be in the office when I was there... I
used to opportunity to say "hi" and ask a few more questions. He let me
borrow 2 videos that normally come with the pump and the soft-serter. 

One concern is whether my insurance will pay for the Diabetes Education
stuff. I think I recall someone here saying that the wording of the claim
makes a big difference. Any help along those lines would be appreciated.

(all pumped up for June)

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