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Re: [IP] The mystery has happened at our house

Liz -- 

If I wake up high (over 300) in the middle of the night, I'm always
suspicious of the site. 3 times out of 4, the site is "bad". In fact,
anytime I'm over 300, I get suspicious of the site. I should never be that
high. Over 400, the only explanation is a site problem. Inject insulin by
syringe, change the site. As someone commented, this is a great time to use

My guess is that the "mystery" 20R went the same place as the basal insulin
after Darren changed his set (at night). It just didn't reach him. I've had
"bad" sets that appeared to be fine when I removed them, too. (It's
frustrating. Fortunately, the number of bad sets I've had has gone WAY down
since I started mixing H and V.) 

Btw, whenver Darren changes a set, he should check it with a blood test in
2 and 4 hours to make sure it's working ok. That includes at night. 
Your idea to develop a strategy now for the next problem is great. 

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