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[IP] Re: Vitamins

Hi everyone:

There was a question a few days ago regarding which vitamins we take each day.
I take all of the anti-oxidants, plus chromium picolinate, selenium,
magnesium, calcium, etc.  But, about a month ago a friend of mine who is an
herbalist talked me into a couple of herbal blends, and I have had amazing
results ... lowering my daily insulin requirements from 10 to 15 points.  The
main ingredient is something called Gymnema leaves.  Also contains brindell
berries, marshmallow root and psyllium hulls.  The dosage is 2 capsules 1/2
hour before meals.  The other herbal blend contains juniper berries, parsley
herb, uva ursi leaves, dandelion root and chamomile flowers.  This particular
blend is to protect the kidneys and urinary tract.  Gymnema is purported to
take away your craving for sweets, as well as lower you insulin needs.

Being a "born again" skeptic, I didn't really believe it would have that much
affect.  I am now a believer.  I'm sure you can purchase these from any health
food store.  I get mine from a company called Nature's Sunshine.

Happy pumping!

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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