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Re: [IP] The Tender Touch

Hey Delaine:

I put the inserter needle in at a sharper angle - maybe 45?...I can feel the
needle getting in there - and can NOT imagine being skinny and having to push
that sucker thru organs!!!  SInce going on the tender (a year) and inserting
it this way, I haven't had a bruise (other than one real GUSHER), or a crimp
or a clogged warning.

If you aren't too skinny, try going at a steeper angle.. who knows, maybe my
blubber is keeping the catheter from crimping up??  glad it can be useful for

As for the blood, there are blood vessels (?) everywhere on your skin - evenif
you superficially graze yourself, you might bled, so you might be nicking one
of those superficial vessels - not like you are tapping into an artery or
anything, but it is possible to nick a vessel to cause the blood in the
catheter.  abd yes, exercise or massage can move the catheter around, and
improves the circulation, so you might have nicked a vessel upon insertion and
it wasn't til you started working out and getting the blood flowing that it

AND since this has just started, maybe you just got a bad batch.  Try a
different box

just my .02 worth

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