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Re:Valuable CDEs (was) [IP] re: dark cloud over VB.....

    Good luck on your test results....We'll add you to the list of "people
needing to be cloned"...You've made a lot of valid points in your
post...Melissa's CDE is also a "pumper" & has been instrumental in getting
quite a few kids started on pumps - even when their ped. endos were opposed.
She STILL goes to see him monthly for "fine-tuning" & once again (fourth
attempt) he has her trying Humalog in her pump because of her horrendously
high postprandials on Velosulin...For some reason (full moon maybe??) so far
it's working this time.  Point is, without his input, even 2 years after she
began pumping, we probably wouldn't have done this....
    Also, for those of you who said your insurance won't pay for a CDE, be
persistent & keep going higher in the "insurance food chain"... Our claims
were initially rejected, but now we're getting 80% back after I kept "pushing
the envelope" about how they REALLY couldn't be so foolish as to prefer
another $1100 ER bill for a 3 hour visit, versus a $120 reimbursement for 3
hours with her CDE....
    So, from one who knows all too well the value of this "adjuvant therapy",
glad to have you on our "team"!!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom)
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