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Re: [IP] Mixing Insulins

I asked a question of the MM rep the other night about mixing -- and he
about had a cow.  I don't have to, what with changing sites daily, but it
was simply curiosity.  His claim was that using mixed insulins would void
the pump warranty.  Bill -- are you out there?  Perhaps this has been
discussed before and I missed it?
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From: Deminkspot <email @ redacted>
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Date: April 29, 1998 05:45 AM
Subject: [IP] Mixing Insulins

>I have been combining 1 part R with 4 parts H to prevent my sites from
>deteriorating so rapidly and causing a hardening and redening (sp?) of the
>area around it. (Usually after 2 days.) I can go from Monday to Wednesday
>Thursday now, am wondering if increasing my ration from 2 parts R to 3 H
>make this even better.   Any feedback on your experiences would be
>( my endo and my CDE seem clueless in this area).  Any other suggestions on
>improving the integrity of the site?  I don't mind changing the infusion
>in a timely fashion, I just want to avoid the redness and hardness.
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